Winter – Are you ready?

The winter solstice was December 21, 2022 and now the days are actually getting longer. I won’t notice this until about late January. Meanwhile, the days are cold and the sun is at a low angle. The ground and roads are frozen. In New Hampshire, any day could bring a severe winter storm. I have a snow shovel and extra clothes in my car.

The new year is on the way and many people are thinking about goals for the upcoming year. Health goals are common to set. But how does one go about achieving a health goal?

First, pick something that is very achievable. I want to lose 50 pounds might be unrealistic. If you pick a smaller goal and achieve that goal, you can build on that with a further reaching goal.

Second, pick something that is very important to you and that you are willing to commit time and effort into achieving.

Third, pick a way to be accountable to your goal. Write it down and review it daily, tell a friend or family member, enlist a friend or neighbor to help you in small ways.

Fourth, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t achieve your health goal. Either pick a smaller goal or a different goal and TRY AGAIN. Keep trying until you have success.

Good luck!

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