The daffodils popped up three inches tall last week, no blooms yet, and then dastardly cold weather and snow came back after the first day of spring and the daffodils just paused, waiting.

Spring is an exciting time for many people, including me.  I see, think, feel and smell the possibilities of fun in the sun, gardening, activities to come and the days suddenly get very busy.  I dream about returning to leisurely swims in the local lake.

Compared to winter, there is always something that I could be doing outside in the spring:  raking, digging, planting, making new garden beds, cutting, moving, splitting and stacking wood for winter, weeding, walking the dogs, running, flower and bird watching, and exploring my favorite local mountains.

Seeing the miracle of daffodils returning every spring is wonderful and heartening as the ground wakes up and the promise starts again of another new beginning.  I am very thankful to be able to experience this continual change of seasons not only in my yard, but on my favorite local trails and overlooks.  

Examining a daffodil or your favorite flower, it is obvious that we do not live in a random universe here on planet Earth.  A great Artist and Creator has made all these beautiful flowers, as well as other beautiful natural things that continually bring joy to your life.  When you wake up every day, when you see a very lovely flower or appreciate a pink hued sunset, give some thought to your Creator.

Wishing you the very best! Claire

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